Reviewing your sales journey is a brilliant idea — even if you’re doing well.

When Wirehive does something, it does it well. Their highly experienced partner managers team up with a group of highly skilled cloud engineers to design and build the simplest to the most complex digital infrastructures for agencies.

What makes them good?

Wirehive starts with the customer and they are truly obsessed about providing the right customer experience. Their history started with a laser focus on the digital marketing segment, so they make sure they apply their knowledge to the business objectives of the client, accompanying them through the entire buying journey. Perhaps most importantly, as the results from the Alinea Partners Sales Experience Assessments show, they always want to know how they can do better.

It’s tough to stand out in the world of technology. It’s tougher to do well all around. When Alinea Partners assessed Wirehive’s sales journey they found an engine that was in good shape from beginning to end. Not to say everything was perfect. That’s simply never the case. But for every point where Wirehive could improve, there were five more where they were doing well, excellent, or great.


Wirehive has gone from being a specialist web hosting company doing cool things to building a channel that enables partners to generate revenue.

A new outlook, a new company.

And as soon as you click on the link that takes you to their website, you find yourself in a place that flows. Their website shows Wirehive understands the buyer’s journey, supporting partners and buyers throughout the process. It makes it easy for potential partners and buyers to get in touch with them through clear contact details placed in well-thought places, a functioning online chat, effective automated messaging, and sales representatives that can be reached with one telephone call.

Wirehive has gone from being a specialist web hosting company doing cool things to building a channel that enables partners to generate revenue. A new outlook, a new company. Since the assessment, they have taken some tactical actions and added resources that they train not only to sell faster but to engage in a whole new way with partners such as Microsoft.

Last but not least, Wirehive knows how to sell. Their sales reps understand buyers and their pain points. They know how to outline offers and options without the need to engage additional resources like technology specialists. They back their conversations with an array of supporting materials and they know how to close the sale. Wirehive has even made sure that their sales reps address the return of investment to the client on different solution options.

  • We’re really busy growing the business and, when things are running full speed, it isn’t always easy to stop and look at where improvements are needed. We wanted a professional look from the outside on the experience people have when they want to buy or partner-up.The Sales Experience Assessment conducted by Alinea Partners did exactly that. It gave us an end-to-end overview of our buying process as well as our customer experience, and we discovered important things to improve. Moreover, we also got reinforcement in the areas where we are really good and that feels great. This allows us to invest in our unique point of view and where we can make an impact. So, we’re doubling up to provide more delightful experiences to our partners.

    Chloe Cameron

    Marketing Director, Managing Partner — Wirehive

Once again, no business runs perfectly all the time. Wirehive still has areas of improvement and has taken the recommendations (within and outside of their buyer’s journey) seriously. Alinea Partners’ extensive research shows that 83% of sales opportunities where a strong first call is conducted and proper due diligence is done, result in a closed sale.

Due diligence for today’s sales reps means being more than sellers. They need to be advisors. Order taking has morphed into consultative selling. Wirehive understands the sales world is evolving and has taken unprecedented steps to that end. With a flat structure across the business and a strong focus on connected sales and marketing, Wirehive is becoming a whole new kind of sales organization, one that looks at what they want to achieve and not at people’s roles.