Global OEM Morphs into Digital Signage Enabler

Arrow OCS is a global provider of technology solutions for a wide portfolio of markets, which include telecommunications, transportation, medical,industrial and consumer electronics.



Find the right market and prospects for Arrow’s Digital Signage solutions.

Arrow was looking for new customers and channels for their Digital Signage solutions. First stop on its way to reach this objective? A product/market fit initiative to test their signage solutions in three cities – Vienna, London, and Munich.


Creating Demand for Digital Signage Solutions on a New Market.

Prior to this collaboration, Arrow’s Digital Signage marketing and selling strategies were focused on its technology partners and IT specialists. The message was technical and focused on key features and functions as that was of interest to this audience.

With Alinea Partners Arrow explored was to broaden that opportunity and look for ways to increase its opportunity pipeline for these solutions.

Through market as well as experiencing the sales journey and buying experience first hand, research and a reputation management exercise, Alinea Partners indentified a new market and a different way of going to market for these solutions. Rather than targeting Arrow technical partners and developers of Digital Signage hardware and software, it was recommended to focus on generating demand from the entire selling ecosystem.

A program was developed to focus on creating additional partnerships with local industry focused systems integrators and simultaneously target a new Buyere Category.

For the first time, Arrow began to market to site planners, marketing and customer support managers; executives who were looking to appeal to today’s digitally-minded Buyer and to improve their customer or employee experiences.

So, a new Buyer persona was developed targeting business leaders, looking to develop unique sales and marketing experiences between their company’s brands and their customers using innovative Digital Signage solutions.

Based on this new insight, new value propositions for Arrow and its technology partners were developed and the brand’s tone of voice moved from technical to business messaging. This new messaging was reviewed with Arrow’s technology partners such as Intel, Microsoft, Philips, Smart Cookie, etc. and with the new set of system integrators who were eager channel partners for the Digital Signage solutions.

A makret learning exercise was also initiated. Three different groups of marketing and/or Digital Signane subject matter experts were gathered for a half-day workshop and input sessions. In Vienna, Munich and London, the experts provided Arrow with insights to their businesses, requirements for Digital Signage usage and integration as well as what trends they are currently seeing and ideally, would like to see in the future.

Results of these workshops were highlighted at the Arrow Digital Signage Forums held in each city. Following the events, white papers on these topics were distributed.

  • Leverating Alinea Partner’s knowledge, experience and language skills proved to be highly important to us. In addition, Alinea Partners “Develop and Test” approach made this collaboration a success and generated results beyond our initial expectations.



Creating a 3-city netnew pipeline of opportunities.

1) increased interest, opportunity and demand for Digital Signage solutions.
2) Developed new value propositions for Arrow and its technology partners.
3) Identified new go-to market channel partners.
4) Found new project opportunities for Arrow and its partners.
5) Established an external community of influencers-experience and new Buyer opportunities on their websites.


  • 3 cities.
  • 2 languages.
  • 50 interviews with marketing and business leaders.
  • 1 team with marketing, business and sales experience.
  • Improved Customer Experience, Buying and Sales Journeys.