As BASE faced increased competition in the telecom industry, they realized they had yet to put together a clear strategy for securing new customer acquisitions outside established markets.

Rather than remain in their comfortable low priced zone, working with Alinea Partners they began the process of targeting new markets and creating new value for customers.


Create a Clear Go-to-Market Roadmap towards New Buyer Communities.

Alinea Partner’s team developed a sustainable new market approach for BASE, by creating a clear plan of action to reach new buyer communities.

Designed to meet BASE’s future goals, this new strategy gave them: new methods of expanding their target audience, reaching new customers, identifying new partners and influencers; it also allowed them to develop, test, and launch new program elements prior to a large-scale launch into the market.

Since 1999, BASE has become Belgium’s third major provider of mobile phone services, also using the BASE Business brand.

Operated by KPN Group Belgium, BASE is the fastest-growing mobile operator in Belgium, winning approximately 22% of the current market share.

Alinea Partners implemented a step-by-step action plan to improve BASE’s marketing and sales approach, incorporating these key areas:

  • New go-to-market and sales strategy, organizational structure, plan and operational guidelines.
  • New channels to accomodate the new strategy, including strengthening relationships with Google, Motorola, Clearwire and Aldi.
  • Identification of new community-based markets and targets where value was viewed in Branding amongst community members and special community rates based on assumed and eventual actual usage patterns: Generation Y, GLT, Italian and Turkish communities.
  • New market approaches were used. Previously we only sold on price. This approach enabled us to think about adding value to new customer sets. The approach was different than what we or our competitors had used before.



Alinea Partners helped BASE redefine their Customer Acquisition Program and marketing priorities by

1) A new market-ready approach and program.
2) A new range of buyer communities within Belgium.
3) New value propositions.
4) Relationships with new go-to-market channel partners and influencers.
5) Improved Customer Experience.
6) Improved Sales Journeys.


1) Strategy and program development from five channel and marketing experts.
2) Discussions and development for multiple languages: English, French, Finnish, Turkish. One comprehensive, efficient strategy and program to revolutionise BASE’s new customer acquisition program.