Ambit Group – Demand Generation Assessment

Ambit Group – Demand Generation Assessment

The client

Ambit Group has a long track record of success that reaches back two decades. More than 85 experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 leave no stone unturned as they consult and support customers through the delivery of ERP/CRM projects. Their unique “tried and tested” methodology ensures their customers’ success. But after a restructuring that led to a more comprehensive and holistic offer for their customers, Ambit Group faced an array of new challenges in their customer acquisition and demand generation capabilities.

In late 2017, Ambit Group went through the Alinea Partners’ Demand Generation Assessment Workshop to evaluate their customer acquisition and demand generation effectiveness. As part of the program, they received valuable recommendations from Alinea Partners such as to increase investment in digital marketing and to improve their inbound/outbound marketing ratio. Ambit was also advised to refine their lead-to-opportunity process, including well-defined stages and measures for effective management of the funnel. The first steps happened fast: a new digital marketing concept was developed and the position for a Digital Marketing Manager was created and filled. Ambit Group used the momentum of the workshop to jumpstart their journey to transform their existing siloed sales and marketing departments and approach into a more digitally leveraged and integrated one.

Quick facts

  • 30% more website visits with more customers placing qualified sales-related queries
  • First quick wins fuel ambit’s demand generation transformation
  • From very skeptical at the beginning to being very committed to this initiative.

    Christian Schipp

    Head Sales & Marketing — Ambit Group

The results

After just a few important changes sprouting from the Demand Generation Assessment, the number of visitors to Ambit Group’s website increased by a whopping 30%. But that’s not all, visitor quality (interested and active visitors) improved as well.

One big “Connected Field Service” campaign performed together with Microsoft, which included a landing page, videos, and input gathered at planning quality and execution workshops, with a well-orchestrated back office team and the technology to manage the lead-to-opportunity process, delivered early positive responses. Prior to the Demand Generation Assessment, Ambit Group did not offer the option for a visitor to post an inquiry on their website. After the assessment workshop, they added this functionality and have seen numerous requests by visitors who actively ask to be contacted or to receive specific information.

Ambit Group has also started using more targeted webinars as a digital tool to reach selected audiences who would otherwise get lost in the overload of events in the market. For them, 2018 is a reference year to start utilizing more digital tools for their internal transformation and to establish as a standard the use of social selling, digital sales, and marketing disciplines to boost revenue. Ambit has also begun to connect different data sources (including including Google Analytics, LinkedIn and Customer Journey tracking from SalesViewer) gathered along their buyer’s journey to generate end-to-end analytics that provide a better understanding of the key elements that drive profitability.

“Alinea Partners’ external perspective, combined with their expertise, very strong methodology and approach, helped us discover blind spots that we can eliminate and prevent in the future. There are still areas that need improvement, but we have a plan for this journey and see our organization is heading in the right direction. Over the next few years, we will gradually adjust and develop our marketing & sales activities to meet the changing market environments.”  – Christian Schipp, CMO Ambit Group.