Brentwood Communications - Sales Journey Uncovered

The Client

It is not often that a company finds itself in the unique position to get unbiased, professional feedback on the sales journey their prospects and customers experience as they consider making a purchase.
Brentwood Communications, a company that has dedicated itself for over 40 years to providing bespoke radio communication solutions to customers who return year after year, recently had their sales journey assessed by Alinea Partners.

Brentwood Communications’ experienced team understands its customers, who come from a wide variety of market sectors. They know that those who come to them require reliable and easy to use communications. But the company also understands that, as you strive to provide the best solutions in your field, it is very easy to miss developments, changes, or shifts in customer purchasing behaviour. A suboptimal buying experience can translate into missed sales from buyers who abandon websites or sales processes to look for the competition.


By opening the lid on a sales process that too many businesses leave to chance, Alinea Partners’ Sales Journey Assessment provides a scientific analysis of the whole buyer’s journey.
Based on an exhaustive 160-point assessment, a carefully constructed persona tests and reveals how a buyer experiences the process, from finding through sales contact to receiving a proposal. The Assessment drills down into every relevant detail, including calls, emails, and website visits. Alinea Partners has used this methodology to analyse hundreds of sales journeys worldwide.

The Outcome

The outcome revealed Brentwood Communications was doing many things right, but some elements for improvement were identified. For example, personnel was quick to react during the engagement process, eliminating the risk of buyers leaving while waiting for a response. On the other hand, the information about timelines for providing the solution could have been clearer. Also, while employees were extremely knowledgeable about the hard facts of their solutions, they could have been more effective to emphasize the solutions’ diverse benefits for the buyer.

After the assessment, Brentwood Communications received specific recommendations to improve their prospect profiling process and to tune up their sales training to cover a wider set of solution benefits for a buyer as well as to set up additional interactions with prospects after the proposal stage.

  • I think the experience was extremely beneficial for us as it reinforced where we excel in our sales journey while highlighting areas where we can close more business by making some obvious improvements.

    James Miller

    Managing Director — Brentwood Communications Ltd.

Going through this process has enabled Brentwood Communications to become more aware of the wide scope of the buyer’s experience and the related impact on their business. They also have more insight into what buyers are looking for and on which touchpoints they should be reached. Brentwood Communications has taken Alinea Partners’ recommendations professionally, implementing action plans to ensure their sales team can always provide prospective buyers with more insights, clearer solution implementation timelines, and outstanding buying experience.

The Sales Journey Assessment has allowed Brentwood Communications to improve their sales journey along the different segments. Achieving an Alinea Partners Excellence in Customer Experience Gold Certification greatly increased the sales team’s confidence, morale and closing rates.