Can you be found by today’s prospects?

Can you be found by today’s prospects?

And if they find you, can you close them?

Alinea Partners globally assesses and transforms customer and sales experiences for IT and telco companies as well as their channel partners. We support them in building customer experience excellence by providing programs that give our clients an in-depth, scientific methodology-based view of the strengths and weaknesses in their entire sales journey (website, content, offer, sales engagement, purchase, onboarding, customer service).

In this category, we offer 3 programs:

  • Sales Experience Assessment (Secret Shopper) – we identify how, why, and when prospects choose to buy from you – or not;
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment Assessment – we benchmark your customer acquisition capabilities against best-practice standards;
  • Azure Acceleration Assessment – we help you grow your Azure business based on research of +450 of Microsoft partners worldwide.

Considering the above, which one of our programs sounds most appealing to you?

Let us know by voting and feel free to elaborate in the comments down below. Thank you!


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