Business Model Transformation

Business Model Transformation

Can you afford the cost of doing nothing?

Imagine this: as a high-tech provider you’ve been taking care of your clients’ data in your own data center for years.

This worked perfectly fine – until you realized that all it would take for your customers to leave, is them coming to understand they can also easily store their data in the #Cloud.

Now, you have a decision to make.

Do you keep the business model you have today, and as a consequence get into a price war with others to stay competitive?

Or do you make a move, transform your company, and keep your existing customers happy and attract net new business?

While it’s not an easy decision, it is an important one.

There are so many options when making the shift to a new business model. The choices can be overwhelming. Our research of 100s of @Microsoft partners and our work with many of them has shown us challenges with:

✅ The financial modeling around all options
✅ Identification of risks your company might be facing – including that of doing nothing
✅ Creating the business model that fits your company and goals for the future

Transforming your business is never easy. We can gladly help you make a considered decision based on your company’s goals.