Bad Experiences

Bad Experiences

Would you still buy from your favorite brand after having a bad buying experience?

And what about a brand or company that you’ve never purchased from before? Would you go back and see if the buying experience would be better this time?

Did you know that 32% of customers stopped doing business with a brand they loved after only having one bad experience (source: #PWC)?

Now think about what that percentage would be if they were a prospect and hadn’t bought from your brand before. Or what it would be if they had not one, but two bad experiences. Or three, or…

How to make sure your buyers don’t abandon your buying journey and prospects turn into customers?

🎯 Research your target audience
🎯 Understand your buyers’ business needs
🎯 And keep improving your buying experiences by reflecting on results, measuring customer satisfaction rates and secret shopping your company

No buying journey is perfect, nor will they ever be. But reflecting and improving it can take you one step closer to differentiated, great buying experiences for all buyers, prospects, and customers.