Microsoft grew its Azure BUSINESS 50% last Quarter.

Did your Azure business grow by the same?

Results from 450+ recent global partner conversations tell us the following:

  • 66% of Cloud companies cannot be found by net new buyers
  • 96% say they need Sales Engagement support
  • 87% want more help in the areas of Sales Motions, Strategic Proposal development and Business Outcome Training.

Alinea Partners can help. We have a unique, multi-dimentional view of the Microsoft sales ecosystem

  • Consistently assessing and transforming Channel Partners globally.
  • 450+ Microsoft partners; 100 Microsoft partners per year


Sales Experience Assessments (Secret Shopper) 
Real-time customer and prospect buying experiences 20+ languages. All partner types. All workloads.

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Azure Learning Days
Detailed assessments and open discussions on distributors and their evoloving role in servicing reselling partners


Azure Acceleration Programme
Support distributors and reselling partners to grow Azure business

  • By adding Azure, Wirehive has gone from being a specialist web hosting company doing cool things to building a channel that enables partners to generate revenue. 

    Chloe  Cameron

    — Wirehive

Azure Sales Acceleration Programmes


Partner Recruitment

Do you know which partners are going to be pro-active and self-sufficient in driving Azure or other workload sales? Learn how to create strategic and compelling business case for partners to build a proposition around your offer.  Partner recruitment is about quality, not quantity. To attract quality companies to become your partners, they need to understand ‘Why You?’ —  the business case for partnering with you. We help you identify the right partners that are most likely to succeed.


Better Customer/Prospect/Partner Profiling/Segmentation

Understand more about target audiences. Match their business and technical needs better.  Identify new opportunities with customers/prospects/partners who have the best potential. Based on best practice identified over 4 years of Azure market research.  Methodology (questions) available.

Solution Mapping & Training

Best Practice Upsell Roadmaps for Solutions beyond SKUs

Webinar:  Support partners with developing a compelling solution portfolio that adds value on top of just features and provides a roadmap for cross- & upselling for better pipeline building, more accurate demand generation campaigning and sustainable business.

Learning Days

Improve Field Communications; Test Indirect Provider Programs and Tools

Initiate dialogue, strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for Disti/Indirect Provider Transformation. Analysis and Recommendations provided post workshop.

Playbooks & Training

Sell Azure without talking about Azure

Sales readiness Playbooks, focusing on business solutions and not technology. Playbooks may cover: Business landscape for solution, non-technical customer needs/personas/value propositions, Solution Portfolio Framework with Upsell Roadmap, GTM framework, sales motions, sales process transformation, case studies.  Potential themes: Security, Business Compliance, DCT (DCM), Desktop Workspaces, and more.  Playbooks can be combined with Business Outcome Training.

Sales Experience Assestments (Secret Shopper)

Do you understand the ‘Moment That Matters’?

Why a prospect buys – or leaves your sales process.

Finding yourself on a website after careful Google research, you spot the software you’re looking for. Your experience starts-off great: you feel safe, there are plenty of case studies to be found, and you even have the possibility to sign up for a newsletter. Oh well, there might not be a clear value proposition, but at least there are customer’s reviews available. But then, just when you’re about to close the deal, you’re not able to contact a Sales Rep. Dissatisfied you close the tab and open Google again. That’s an hour of your life you’ll never get back.

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Sales – Marketing Alignment

Build a Stronger Demand Generation Engine – Know where to fix the basics

Workshop:  Receive a holistic analysis of a partner’s Demand Generation capabilities and Sales and Marketing alignment based on a comprehensive 110+ point assessment, delivering insights into strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

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Azure Migration Viability

Winning Azure Proposals – Optimise Azure Business Cases

  • Data and programmes available as reports, webinars, programmes
  • And more!

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