Results from 300+ Azure Conversations in the part year show us the following:

66% of companies cannot be found by net new buyers and 60% cannot close that Azure Deal digitally and virtually.

Biggest showstoppers:

  • Lack of relevant business content
  • Only product-based sales motions
  • Fire-fighting and order-taking vs. participating in clients’ businesses
  • Only addressing IT/tech audience
  • Lack of differentiators

This is BIGGER than Technology

Azure is not about technology. It is what you can do by utilizing technologies and new models.

Let us help you build an Azure Business or improve your Azure Funnel

Build a Pipeline for ongoing, incremental Azure Revenue.
Launch and create Indirect ‘Ambassadors’ for new Azure Sales Motions (virtually as well)

  • Wirehive has gone from being a specialist web hosting company doing cool things to building a channel that enables partners to generate revenue. 

    Chloe  Cameron

    — Wirehive

Our experience has enabled us to help companies with in-person and virtual Playbooks and Training for:

  • Profiling/Segmentation Methodologies and Training
  • Identifying & understanding the Pain Points of new Buyers/Personas
  • Solution Mapping and cross-/upselling
  • Value Creation against various Business Outcome oriented Azure solutions
  • Sales Motions
  • Learning Days and Focus Groups
  • Buying Journey Assessments – Can your Sales Engine sell Azure Virtually and Digitally?
  • And more!

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