Are you ready for more Alinea Partners inside information?

Are you ready for more Alinea Partners inside information?


Last week, you’ve met the first of many valued entrepreneurs who work with us. Now it’s time to get to know our very own globe trotter, Massimo Sangiovanni.

Massimo and Leahanne go way back. Since having worked together at Lucent Technologies in The Netherlands in the late 90s, Massimo worked all across the world. Now, he settled down where he once started: in the beautiful surroundings of Italy.

Wherever he touches down, the one thing that makes him smile going to work is viewing the landscapes as he passes through. It happened in London, Chicago, Dubai, Milan, Madrid… Always made him realize how much he loves doing business internationally and how lucky he is to have the opportunity to learn and understand different cultures.

When asked what animal he’d be if he’d have to compare himself to one, his answer’s a dog. We couldn’t agree more – being a reliable and friendly team player, he is one of the best… companions we could wish for. 😉

Now he’s just waiting for the first Alinea’s meeting in Italy – when the pandemic has ended, of course.

We all hope, Massimo, that your wishes are granted soon and we will be together again in person.