3 Reasons to consider Secret Shopping

3 Reasons to consider Secret Shopping

The Secret Shopper Programme is a sales impact tool for B2B companies who want to ensure they are offering the highest level of quality customer experience. According to the renowned industry research leader Forrester, there is a clear correlation between superior customer experience and superior revenue growth. Companies run this programme when they are highly innovative, have new or evolving sales teams and/or when new services are launched.

Top reasons why you may want to consider Secret Shopping

1.     There are two questions I particularly like to ask company senior management:

1. Is excellence in customer experience in your company’s value proposition?

2. And, if we were to ask buyers the same thing – would they agree with you?

In recent Secret Shopping experiences, we’ve found that less than 10% agree in the first instance. Through Secret Shopping you will learn exactly where your sales, marketing and operations processes, content and approach excel and where there is room for improvement.

2.    Know where the issues are

Most companies know they need to make improvements, but knowing where to start is valuable information. By following the buyer’s journey, Secret Shopping identifies where and why experiences are not meeting benchmark levels, giving you the opportunity to specifically address areas of concern.

3.      Understand what your competition is up to

Shopping your own company is not enough. Routinely taking a look at your competitors’ buying experiences will ensure that you stay ahead.

There are many more reasons to Secret Shop, of course. Contact us here: Customer.Experience@Alinea-Partners.com and we’ll tell you all about it.